For Debra, Care Resources Has Been a Life-Changer

Care Resources, a community-based program for people 55 years or older, enjoys being a lot of things to a lot of people, but for Debra, it transformed her life.

“I am,” she says with a hearty laugh, “a different person.”

After retiring and moving to Grand Rapids in 2019, she became ill with disorders she says were never properly diagnosed. She suffered a bad fall from her bed, prompting her son-in-law – an employee at Care Resources – to insist she be seen by the organization’s medical team.

It was a transforming decision, giving her access to comprehensive health care services funded by Medicare and Medicaid. “They came right to my house and did everything they had to do to assess me,” she said. “They got me a wheelchair. They got me a special bed.”

With these support services, Debra’s health improved markedly, to a point where she became able care for herself and control her daily affairs of living.

Today, she’s a regular at Care Resources’ headquarters on 4150 Kalamazoo Ave. SE in Grand Rapids, which features a day center, clinic and pharmacy. She boards the organization’s transportation bus to get there, and spends her time connecting with friends, playing Bingo, crafting and enjoying meals, among other activities.

Looking back, Debra credits Care Resources with putting her on the road to independence and keeping her in her own home rather than a nursing facility. To other older adults in West Michigan seeking ways to improve their lives, she suggests they visit Care Resources and “just come watch what they do; they’re like little bees buzzing around because everyone is just so eager to help others.”

Click here to read more about Debra’s journey to Care Resources and the services they offer to their participants.

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