Housing Care Options for Older Adults Avoiding Nursing Facility Placement

West Michigan offers a wide range of housing and care options for older adults. Determining the best fit can be a difficult decision.

Year after year, surveys show the majority of adults prefer to remain in their own home and in their community as long as possible, rather than in a nursing facility. These wishes are in line with the goals of Care Resources, a community-based program that promotes healthy and independent living for people 55 years and older in West Michigan.

While the organization’s ultimate goal is to keep participants living independently, there are circumstances where other options must be considered. That’s where housing alternatives like adult foster care and assisted living come in. These residential settings can provide an enhanced level of care for individuals who cannot live alone but want to avoid nursing facility placement.

To help meet the needs of participants in these situations, Care Resources partnered with Corewell Health (formerly Spectrum Health) to open adult foster care homes in 2022 for qualifying participants. The three homes on Kalamazoo Avenue, all adjacent to Care Resources, can house a total of 30 residents with staff working three shifts to provide support at all hours.

“Residence aides are on-site around-the-clock to help serve meals, monitor medications and provide any other one-on-one attention that may be needed,” Care Resources Social Services Manager Paula Lett said. “Our wraparound support services – doctors, therapists and social workers – also come directly to participants in the homes to provide specialized care.”

The homes are designed just like a regular house with bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and common area where the residents can socialize. There’s also a small gym area for physical therapy and exercise.

Click here to learn more and how Care Resources can assist in choosing the right housing alternative for you or your loved one.

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