Website Enhancements

In mid-June, we launched our enhanced website! Enhancements include an update to the overall look and feel, new photography and added features. A streamlined navigation and layout help improve ease of use and flow of content. Our website is now more user friendly on mobile devices. All of these updates improve accessibility and ensure we are ADA compliant.

You’ll see familiar faces as some of our participants are featured throughout the site. New pages were also created. A resources section for participants, providers, and referrals is now available. Each have dedicated pages where they can download important information. An events calendar helps keep everyone informed of the happenings at Care Resources. It highlights fun events and activities for our participants. Stay up to date by reading the latest newsletters. The news section now has photos and a search filter. This makes it easy to find the articles you are want to read.

We’re so excited for this refresh. We encourage you to browse our website and check out the new features!

Last updated 07.28.2023 I H5610_WEB

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