Welcome New Participants

We welcome the following new participants. If you see any of these individuals, please be sure to extend a friendly welcome.

We are thrilled to have each of them (and you) as part of our Care Resources family!

  • December: Dean H., Keren C., Arend V., Loyce M., Jessie W., Kaymary R., Mary Ann B., Elinore S., Thomas M., Richard S., Maria T.
  • January: Edwin B., Marcia D., Richard B., Sydney E., Robert M., Lydia I.
  • February: Deborah S., Gayle D., Roberta M., Larry L., Dianna P., Lorraine S., Nikki A.
  • March: Clara H., Ora M., Steven G., Carol T., Meschell V., Dolores A.,
  • April: Kenneth M., Roberto R., James W., Mariann T., Lennie L., Jeffrey S., Nourice M., Carl VH.
  • May: Linda W., Quy N., Shirley L., Rose B., Betty G., Edward J., Sandra A., Jane V., David A,. William W.

If you know someone who could use Care Resources’ services, please call us at 800.610.6299.

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