PACE Day at the Capitol

On May 16, The PACE Association of Michigan (PAM) hosted its second annual Day at the Capitol event in Lansing. Participants, staff, and volunteers from all 14 of the Michigan PACE programs, including Care Resources, were present. The goal of the event was to raise awareness and support for PACE. It was a great success!

The event took place on the front lawn of the Capitol building. Stephanie Winslow, Executive Director of PAM, welcomed the crowd. She spoke about PACE and gave out awards to four staff members. Tom Muszynski was one of the award recipients. Tom received the lifetime achievement award to recognize his commitment to the PACE community. Stephanie proudly stated, “Tom has not only been a role model, but a mentor…with exceptional dedication and commitment, he has put his heart and soul into advocating for PACE.”

The day also included music, dancing, and lunch with elected officials and their staff. Participants were excited to sit down with legislators, share their own personal stories, and thank them for their work and support. After lunch, those from Care Resources took a tour of the Capitol building. “It was exciting to walk through the building and take pictures together” said one participant. “I loved looking up at the Dome and seeing the painted art!” Thank you to everyone who attended; it was a fun and memorable day!

Thank you as well to those who helped to organize it. We look forward to seeing many of you again next year!

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