Clues Your Aging Loved One Needs Extra Help

At some point, the one you love is likely going to need extra help with anything from doing the dishes to navigating stairways.

The question is, how and when do you know?

At Care Resources, there are people and programs in place to help you recognize the signs that changes are occurring, and how to help get the support they need.

“Everyone has their normal baseline, so what you’re looking for are changes to that,” says Amanda Oswald, an intake social worker with Care Resources, a community-based program for people 55 and older seeking to remain in their homes. “You have to look for clues.

“When someone is having trouble with what used to be a routine task, that’s when you might want to have a conversation. It can be about any number of activities.”

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Last updated 12.7.2023 I H5610_WEB

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