Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Spotlight

In each newsletter, we shine a spotlight on one of our IDT teams. They do incredible work! In this edition, we feature our dedicated recreational therapy team!

The recreational therapy team provides fun games for participants at the Day Center. They also plan meaningful activities and special events. Summer barbeques are a favorite! The most important aspect of the job is bringing smiles and joy to all participants. If you haven’t been to the Day Center in a while, be sure to visit soon for a game or activity!

“I really enjoy being a part of the recreational therapy team. I love interacting with participants and helping to make their day more fun!” – Sabrina

IDT is the core decision-making body at Care Resources. IDT is composed of the following teams:

  • Primary Care Providers and Nurses

(coordinate all medical care for each participant)

  • Social Workers

(enhance participant well-being and coordinate benefits)

  • Home Care Nurses

(evaluate home safety and coordinate home care hours)

  • Physical & Occupational Therapy Staff

(assists participants with daily living as well as strength and mobility)

  • Dietitians

(oversee all aspects of nutritional health)

  • Pharmacy Staff

(works with you, your family and your physicians to ensure medications are up-to-date and taken properly)’

  • Recreational Therapy & Activity Staff

(schedules and coordinates programs and activities at the Day Center and at home)

  • Transportation Staff

(schedules and provides transportation)

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