Cheers to 15 years! Care Resources Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary

2021 marked our 15th year in business helping seniors in our community; we could not be prouder of this milestone and the work we’ve done.

We truly have a phenomenal team of caregivers and an amazing program. Although our “Cheers to 15 Years” celebration could not take on the form of a large event due to rising caseloads of COVID-19, we enjoyed a small, internal celebration with staff and participants.

We also took some time to celebrate our 2-year anniversary of moving locations from Grace Avenue to our new home here on Kalamazoo Avenue in August 2019.

Thank you to our participants for allowing us to work with you each day, to your families for their support, and to our staff for gracefully giving your time and your talents to make this program such a huge success. We could not be who we are without the support of everyone who has helped us over the years.

15 years strong. 15 years proud. 15 years of memories. Cheers!

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